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With my husband taking up a leadership assignment in Europe, this provided our family an opportunity to relocate to Switzerland and experience another country, another culture. I felt this was a “gift from God”, with the possibility of new experiences, with my husband and three children.

In 2013, I resigned from my job as a Project Manager at a leading local financial institution. I had worked in Corporate for over 18 years and to stop suddenly, wasn't easy. However, I was definitely ready to leave my job and never turn back, the timing was just perfect, not only for me but for my children. There were moments where I felt empty and scared, especially giving up my independence but everything around me was gaining momentum at a fast pace. I felt my mind and body were moving either separately or together on a roller coaster ride that wasn't ending …

We arrived in Switzerland in 2013, to our new home on the shores of Lake Geneva. Excited and at the same time, overwhelmed, I never imagined that I would be living in this beautiful country of cheese, mountains and snow– it felt like a dream! After a year, I realized how much I missed out as a parent. I bonded with my children, getting to know them better, something that I never really had the opportunity to do during my busy career. I also started focusing on myself, my needs, my health, my family and my “passion”.

During my time in Geneva, I discovered Sophrology, and was fascinated by its history, and widespread adoption in Switzerland, France and the UK over the last 50 years. Drawing from my personal stresses of corporate life, I was convinced that Sophrology could bring immense value to the modern working family. I studied Sophrology at a leading institution in Geneva, applying the holistic techniques to myself and my family. The results have been phenomenal, from a personal wellbeing perspective. I experienced the holistic transformation process of my body, my mind, my spirit, emotions and my values.

As a Sophrologist, my ultimate passion is to help and share my knowledge and experiences of this renowned Swiss holistic wellbeing technique, with people.


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